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The Faces of Feline Leukemia 

My name is Tippy. I am felv + but that doesn't slow me down a bit. I am a cuddle bug and love to climb

My name is Ellen. I tested + for fiv but have had no health complications since intake. I love my noms and am a total sweetheart unless someone is  trying to get my wet food

My name is Roger.I've never tested positive for felv but insist on living with the positive cats. I am a little slow to warm up and am loving the new catio at the sanctuary. 

My name is Leo. I was fostered from another rescue because I was felv+ and needed a neuter There were no girls here while I waited for my appointment so I couldn't pass felv on. I am a  curious boy with a heart of gold. Just don't leave me alone with paper towels unless you like confetti.

My name is Morris and just like the nine lives cat I love the limelight. I have felv and I am the ambassador in leuk building. I greet everyone at the door. You will not pass go or get any head bonks until I get my toll of a nice pet on my ginger coat.  

My name is Bosley. I am one of the senior citizens of the group. My favorite activities are drooling and eating canned food. I am Felv+ put down the pate and nobody gets hurt but I will love you forever

I am Buttercup and I hail from the south. North Carolina to be exact. I am 2 years old and the cutest little felv+ thing that ever migrated to Yankee territory. I am very fond of my canned food and bless my heart I would love to be someones Scarlett Ohara. 

My name is Captian Barbossa. I have felv and despite my name I am not the swashbuckler you might expect. I am around 5 years and traveled up from the south. I am nervous around other cats and children to start. I need a soft voice until I get settled.

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