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Unfortunately we lost Shirly to the illness she has been battling. It is heartbreaking to lose one so young. She was only 9 months old but her life mattered and she was loved in her short time with us. RIP beautiful girl.


While we can't save them all we can do our best to provide love and comfort to all that we possibly can.


2020 cat sanc--31.jpg

Peetey has crossed. He was with us only a short time, but he was loved. We are so honored to be able to be a home for those who will never get adopted. 

Frankie/Jeffrey developed hyperthyroidism and despite medication his body could no longer battle the disease. He had such a sweet soulful face.


Mr Kitty came to us shortly after the city of Gloversville shut down our rescue - so he was a secret. He was found in horrible condition by one of our volunteers. After much treatment and a few surgeries - he healed up. He had fallen ill  and recovered many times in the few short years that we have had him, but at close to 20 years old - this last illness was too much for his tired body. While we are saddened to say good-bye to this gentle spirit, we are so honored to have been part of his journey. He has taught so much. Fly high and free, my sweet boy, till we meet again

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